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Hard Truck Contest

Избранная статья! Article | 24.03.2009 | 06:13 | Author: Hor | Разделы: DoubleBrick | Hard Truck Contest | Своими руками

What is Hard Truck Contest?

This is exciting new competition and anyone can take part in it. The main objective of the project is a cheerful challenge, which main characters are your own-built models of trucks!
This is freightage and display of driving and design skills. The beauty and design are as important as durability and reliability. Each challenge will have its own interesting goals and features, and each participant will be able to feel like real truck driver!

  1. First you build the model of a truck on a scale of 1 to 22. This can be a copy of an existing prototype or your own design. Anyway the vehicle must meet the technical regulations. If you are not severely dealt with in the technical side of the issue, we have prepared several instructions of ready-to-use chassis for you, just choose the design you like and build the body.
  2. Make arrangements with your friends to build a few additional trucks. The more participants are involved, the more interesting competition is. Even 3 or 4 models will do for the race. One person may participate with 2 or more models if there are sufficient quantities of elements to build them.
  3. The competition is held. You'll need a mid-sized room and some cheap available materials some to build the suitable racing circuit indoors.

The race itself is important, but not the only component of the competition. The other important part is "Beauty Contest", where the exterior of the models is judged. To win the competition it is necessary to demonstrate the abilities of

  • Engineer, to build the vehicle chassis;
  • Designer, to create the body of the truck;
  • Driver, to steer the rig through the circuit.

You can find photos of the models of the trucks and videos from previous competitions in our gallery. For expert builders and connoisseurs of fine technical solutions, we have a selection of the best masterpieces constructed by our participants.

We'll be glad if you like our concept and you'd like to take part in our competitions, or even better - to hold your own competitions.

In addition, we will be glad to answer any question related to these racing competitions. If you have any comments and suggestions, make sure you contact us - our project is still fairly young, and we will try different options to choose the best. Therefore, your opinion and fresh perspective are very important in successful development of HTC!

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